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Slavica Štrukelj-Kokoravec

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Works by Slavica Štrukelj-Kokoravec



60 x 100 x 4cm

2500,00 €

Black Hole


100 x 60 x 4cm

1920,00 €

Moon River 1


60 x 50 x 4cm

1320,00 €

Moon River 2


60 x 50 x 4cm

1320,00 €

Big Hole


100 x 80 x 4cm

2160,00 €

Slavica Štrukelj-Kokoravec and her daughter Leya Marinčič make a duo called “Dance of Energy”. Their poetics strongly revolves about a shared passion for body gestures and expressiveness. The underlying concept is to try to use the gestures and meaningful strength of a dancing body, channel those powerful movements into a method of execution. Times, rhythm, expressive intention, muscle and nerve strain perfectly overlap in dance performance: the creation of an artistic work becomes, in this perspective, a performative act in itself for these two artists. Slavica subjects fluctuate between figurative phases, characterised by a strong animal imprint, and transfigured works. This Slovenian artist uses a mixed technique and makes extensive use of enamel paints: the bright and impactful colours of her canvas are a distinctive feature of her poetic. Enamel is hard to control, takes a rhythm: the way the artist moves the liquid on the canvas affects the outcome. For many years she has been and is still working in the field of bioenergy healing. She realized how much hand gestures can influence energy flows and how they remove blockades that prevent this flows. She questioned herself, what happens when you project this gestures trough colours on canvas. She tested this, not only on herself, but also on others. She even got a certificate from the Bion Institute. This certificate proves, with use of scientific tools, that her paintings have positive influence on the health of beholder. The outcome is that her pictures have strong anti-stress impact with power of revitalisation.

Slavica Štrukelj-Kokoravec was born in Ljubljana in 1963. She attended the ArtHouse of Visual Arts in Ljubljana and she gradueted with the thesis: "The power of colour in painting, the victory of emotions over reason" (mentors prof. Mladen Jernejec, dr. Ernest Ženko). She also went to the High school for design and photography in Ljubljana. She lives and works in Ljbljana (Slovenia).

Solo exhibitions: 

G.H. Rogaška slatina

LUXArt Gallery Trieste

Korotan Wien

Cultural Heritage Center Ljubljana

MORS Ljubljana

Group exhibitions:

Lynx Trieste

Tivarnella Art.