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Gibraltar, United Kingdom

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Works by Shelby

Mickey Peace


40 x 40 x 3cm

800,00 €



40 x 40 x 4cm

800,00 €

Shelby is a British artist born in Gibraltar in 1987.

At the age of 17, his father's workshop, a marble sculptor, became his place of experimentation on various supports, marble, wood, plaster. Later he moved to Chelsea where he discovered street art and pop art, but it is relief art that fascinates him.

For two years he attended courses at the renowned New York Academy of Art, which confirmed his vocation.

A great traveler, fascinated by pop art and street art, he now produces very colorful canvases directly inspired by pop culture references, superheroes or celebrities of the 60s in a contemporary aesthetic.

The artist realizes his works mainly on metal or Plexiglas that he exhibits in large European and American hotels. Currently, he has chosen to be exhibited in a single gallery in France, privileging this unique contact with his gallery owner who represents him.