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language of existance


35.56 x 38.1cm

language of existance


142.24 x 91.44cm

I celebrate myself


76.2 x 152.4cm



76.2 x 76.2cm

Born in 1989, Shahanshah Mittal did his BFA from Jabalpur followed by an MFA from the University  of Gwalior. Shahanshah has won numerous awards and has been part of group shows across India.  Shahanshah had his first solo show in 2012. Shahanshah was influenced by Delhi based artist Anwar,  who he trained with. “Meeting Anwar sir was a turning point in my career”. Anwar was spiritual in  his approach. Working under his guidance Shahanshah too began to look ‘inward’. His style shifted  from figurative to abstraction using a monochromatic palette. 

‘Shahanshah’s works display a unique sense of balance. He adds layers, hides what does not fit-in,  and declares a work complete when ‘a sense of equilibrium’ is achieved. For him, abstraction is like  air. It can take any shape and form, but by itself neither has a form, nor colour. Its job is to carry the  force and smell, just like his works that carry his deep sense of conviction to the viewers.’