To Dream, to Collect


Sabina Feroci

1971 Italy

3 Works exhibited


  • About the Artist
She was born in Florence in 1971 and graduated at Ulster Art College University (Ireland), specializing in art illustration. She began as a graphic illustrator but year after year her fantastic characters became innovative and actual three-dimensional sculptures in papier-mâché. Her sculptures in papier-mâché are inspired by her drawings and guide the audience into a world that seems unreal, but actually sheds light on faces and figures that arise from a careful observation of human behaviour and feelings, almost declaring that every moment in life is worth being set with detachment and irony. The artist says: “the sculptures are an expression and a synthesis of the human soul’s state of mind, they capture as in a photograph, a specific moment with amusing melancholy linked to the existential malaise which is typical of the contemporary age”. The artist also says “paper is a romantic tool. Paper is romantic because it is warm and velvety; paper is deep and has more intimate knowledge because you discover it from an early age through scribbling. Using paper has become more complex than at the beginning, but I have a sense of simplicity and harmony using this material”.

Works by Sabina Feroci

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