To Dream, to Collect


Andrea Tagliapietra

1976 Italy

3 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist
Andrea Tagliapietra lives and works in Burano. Since he was young he developed a passion for painting and sculpture. He approached at art attracted by the great masters of painting tradition, especially with the representatives of School of Burano, working at the beginning of the XX° Century. He studied at Venice Art Institute and then he attended at International School of Graphic. Actually he works with painting, sculpture, video and art performance, using materials which have a strong communication. His work, usually, inspects the human interiority, especially disorders hidden behind formal appearance. Throw his work he tries to represent the image of people that do not feel comfortable in their own body. Tagliapietra try to put the viewer in front of a mirror to find himself. To observe to have self-awareness. In the last works he use epoxy resin that transforms paintings in design object while for the sculptures he uses material as petroleum, gypsum and textile fiber that represent corruption and disintegration inside of humans.

Works by Andrea Tagliapietra

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