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Sergio Sanz

1964 Santander, Spain

2 Works exhibited

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One of the most singular artists of his generation, Sergio Sanz (Santander, 1964) will present in DR 20019 a selection of drawings, -mostly sketches of his paintings-, of a rarity that arises precisely because of the discretion of his media. It is not that today it is strange to draw or paint or, in any case, to do it well, as he does, but the strange world that he constructs or reconstructs, because his figurative universe is full of temporary shreds escaping the historical current of turn . In this sense, there is a dominant theme in his work, that of the bands and jazz bands of the golden age of the 1920s, but which Sergio Sanz submits to the filter of the sinister. They are compositions that remember those "scenes of conversation", whose domesticity has been transformed more and more into an exhibition of more or less monstrous beings. They are drawings that have the peculiarity of the spectral, that does not leave us indifferent. He can not do it, because nobody can be refractory to the best kept secrets of oneself, above all, when someone arouses them with such insidious penetration.

Works by Sergio Sanz

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