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Sergio Bleda was born in Albacete, Spain, in 1974. He left high school to devote himself fully to his craft and, essentially self-taught, began working as a professional comic artist in 1991 creating a comic strip for a weekly local magazine in addition to working in various comics fanzines.

In the mid-90s he moved to Barcelona, where he began to collaborate in an erotic magazine, published a graphic novel and illustrated superhero covers and centerfolds for Spanish Marvel publications.

His leap to popularity finally happened with the limited comic book miniseries Vampire Dance, published in 1997 by publishing powerhouse Planeta. It earned him a nomination for best newcomer at the International Comic Fair of Barcelona.

The well-known The Wednesday Conspiracy and Dolls Killer comics and the spy series NSA also showcased his style and versatility, proving his talent as a skilled character developer.

Established since 1999 in Valencia, Spain, he continues to produce erotic comics for several publishers’ magazines. He also does illustrations for independent publishers, works in film productions drawing storyboards for movies and assists the artist Kano on the DC Comics’ Hero series. Currently he is creating new installments of the Vampire Dance series, thanks to his numerous followers’ crowdfunding efforts.

Since Bleda started drawing erotic pin-ups, collectors worldwide enjoy and covet his unique artworks. His careful treatment of both pencil and watercolor techniques creates delightful compositions depicting the sensuality of women’s bodies.

Books about his own artwork include 20 Years Between Brushes: The Art of Sergio Bleda, comprising the best of his 20 year-professional career and Fetish Brush, compiling more than 100 of his most suggestive illustrations.

Award-winner Sergio Bleda has been credited with being the most important erotic pin-up artist in Spain and is considered one of the most talented comic artists in the country. Corner4art is very proud to show and distribute his artwork!