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Sebastian Herrling

Berlin, Germany

10 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Sebastian Herrling

Sebastian Herrling was Born in 1981 and raised in Berlin. He's a non/Visual-Artist and in 1996  He started with graffiti, mostly taggin. In 1998 He started to do more full pieces, quick and radical actions, Trainwriting, backjumps, linebombing. In 2001, He started with audio-collages , samplescience, hiphopproductions, quicktracks, songwriting, rapping, livegiggs, small homesessions. In 2007 He started his first releases on cd and vinyl (ethnia latina, truthonthetable, absztrakkt ep). In 2011 his first works on canvas finally come. Since 2012 He's been involved with different exhibitions and workshop.