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Sara Zaher

Ciaro, Egypt

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

New York City, USA

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Works by Sara Zaher

Barbie Died For My Sins


66 x 66 x 4cm

4580,00 €

Emoji Dose


66 x 66 x 5cm

Tinder, Xanax, Netflix, and Chill—these are the things most of us use to zone out. They’re also the things digital artist SARA ZAHER illustrates, her campy visuals critiquing the millennial desire to remain comfortably numb. Through bright colored and satirical imagery, the Australian-based Zaher creates cutting cultural commentary, that’s just as likely to go viral as it is to annoy people. But that doesn’t deter her—in fact, it probably encourages the 27-year-old whose goal is to force the Instagram generation to react online and IRL. With subject matter ranging from Trump to Big Tobacco, Zaher points out all the pitfalls (and distractions) of the digital age, proving it’s way more fun to tune in than out.