Sara Pittman

Atlanta Georgia, United States

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Current location

Atlanta Georgia



"Spontaneity runs through the core of American painter Sara Pittman’s practice. Symphonic pigments balanced against handsome backgrounds echo personalized sentiments affected by light, color and space. These three elements are the life force behind each painting, and bridges the gap between abstraction and reality. While the artist experiments with the power of intuition and its relationship to space, we as the viewers are grasping for that “tangible something” that mutates the artist’s personal energy into our own reflections. Suspended in these paintings are irregularly shaped masses that are visually balanced against endless fields of color. 

At first glance these dark pools in their outer shells are the painting’s most prominent visual elements. They eventually fade away, however, enabling the lighter brushstrokes at the works’ centers to breathe and expand. The artist gifts us with electrifying lines and poetic titles that brings us back to the concrete and familiar world." Pittman currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the country and has been included in both national and international publications and collections.