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Santiago Rodríguez del Hoyo

Madrid, Spain

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Rayo Luz


207 x 57 cm

2400,00 €



207 x 57 cm

2400,00 €

No comienza I


35 x 25 cm

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207 x 57 cm

2400,00 €

Santiago Rodríguez del Hoyo(Madrid, 1960), has a four decades long trajectory of creative evolution.Making no concessions to the market,he reclaims the pictorial as the fundamental vehicle of expression.Santiago effectively connects plastic art with an interiority that stands out with absolute sincerity in a dehumanized world, unhinged and incomprehensible.He looksback with fascination to art history and feels intimately related with the thread that stimulates his painting towards a remarkable authenticity. The contemplation of the paintings ofGoya, El Greco, Zurbarán or Velázquez,becomes are search and pictorial experimentation,his artworks remain at all times faithful to daily contact, intense and prosperous with some genuine traditions of the pictorial craft and the secrets of the atelier, without discarding unorthodox and unexpected solutions.The tension between light and shadow (acentral topic of the Baroque tradition) plays an appreciable role in these works.In his spaces based oninformalist resolutions, lineand stain create a strange mixture between figurative and abstract, capable of enhancing the whole mystery of the pictorial in its noblest sense.Santiago proposes hybrid realities: halfway between the biological and the mechanical,the concrete and the dreamed,they tell us stories which fluctuate without apparent logic or are driven by the enigmatic breath of their own logic. They are works wrapped in a very essential drama, not devoid of caustic humour and merciless sarcasm.His painting expresses an emotion that struggles to survive in an inhospitable world, hostile to the human, radically unfathomable and dark, wild and irreductible by nature


1981 Abril Gallery, Madrid.

1983 Circus In The Attic Gallery, Michigan, USA.

1984 Museum of La Rioja, Logroño.

1985 Caja Postal Cuenca, Toledo, travelling exhibition.

1986 Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

1988 Joan Oliver Maneu Gallery, Palma de Mallorca/Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

1989 Varrón Gallery, Salamanca / Exhibition Hall of the Diputación de Huesca.

1990 Provincia Gallery, Zaragoza/Windsor Kulturgintza Gallery, Bilbao/Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

1992 Índice Gallery, Torrelavega, Santander/Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

1995 Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

1998 Ángel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

2000 Chapel of the Oídor, King's College Foundation, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid/ Margarita Nelken Cultural Center, Coslada, Madrid.

2003 Hemeroteca, Madrid/ La buena vida, Madrid.

2004 Pradillo Theater, Madrid.

2005 Variarte Hall, Madrid.

2006 Athenaeum of Madrid.

2007 Hotel Palacio de Santa Inés, Granada.

2008 Bodegas Osborne, Malpica de Tajo, Toledo/ Centro de las artes, Sala El Paso, Alcorcón, Madrid.

2009 0ustau Altea (Alicante)

2010 University of Southern Mississippi, Madrid/ Galería de Autor, El Escorial, Madrid.

2011 Crisis Factory Gallery, Bilbao/ Juana Francés Gallery, Junta Municipal Tetuán, Madrid/ "Paradise on the outskirts". Jamete Gallery, Cuenca/ La Zúa Gallery, "Paradise on the outskirts".

2012 Open Studio, Atelier 8, Madrid.

2014 La Zúa Gallery, Madrid, "Duramater" / Pablo Serrano Hall, Junta Municipal de Tetuán, Madrid. "Duramater".

2016 Fontanar Gallery, Riaza, Segovia." The alarm clock of lost images"

2017. ASPA Contemporary, Madrid. "57 Holes"

2021 ASPA Contemporary, Madrid "Bruma".



2020. "Parallel POP" ". ASPA Contemporary Gallery, Madrid.

"Entremés". ASPA Contemporary Gallery, Madrid.

2019. "Previous New - New Previous ". ASPA Contemporary Gallery, Madrid.

2018. "The Last of the Season." ASPA Contemporary Gallery, Madrid.

2006 Flecha ART Fair, Madrid/ 2006 ART Madrid. First Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art. Crystal Pavilion, Casa de Campo Madrid.

2005 II Drawing and Graphic Art Award, Faculty of Fine Arts, UCM/ Art Supermarket, XXII Edition, American Prints, Madrid.

2003 III Plastic Arts Exhibition, Faculty of Philosophy, UCM.

2002 Other Languages. 2nd Plastic Arts Exhibition, Faculty of Philosophy, UCM, Madrid, March.

2002 Foro Sur, Iberoamerican Contemporary Art Fair. Cáceres/ III Exhibition Donations of Graphic Work of the National Library "Homage to Carmen García Margallo".

2002 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Casa Cantabria, Madrid/ Contemporary Art Auction (UNICEF Benefit), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid. 2002/ Artists of Madrid for Palestine, Centro Cultural del Conde Duque/ Exhibition Hall of the Auditorio Municipal Victor Jara, Arganda del Rey (Madrid).

2001 2nd Prize Castellana de Pintura. Castellana 150. May/XIII National Contest of Fast Painting. Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid/ IV Painting Prize "Frida Kahlo" of Rivas, Department of Culture of Rivas Vaciamadrid, September/Foro Sur, Iberoamerican Fair of Contemporary Art. Cáceres.

2000 The Art Collection of the Colegio del Rey Foundation. Colegio del Rey Foundation, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

1999 Arco 99. Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid/ Abstractions. Quorum Gallery, Madrid (Participation for 3 years)/ Contemporary Visions. Lyle O. Reitzel, Contemporary Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic/ Villa de Madrid Awards (Francisco de Goya Painting Prize). Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid/ FIA. Iberoamerican Art Fair. Eighth Edition, Caracas, Venezuela/ 6th Painting and Sculpture Contest. Professional Football Foundation. Casa de Velázquez, Madrid/ 1999 National Painting Prize of Caja Castilla-La Mancha/ Art Miami, Miami, USA.

1998 Gallery Artists. Ángel Romero Gallery, Madrid/ XXIX Edition "City of Alcalá Award", painting. King's College Foundation, Chapel of the Oidor, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

1997 Arco 97. Ángel Romero Gallery, Madrid/ Prometeo Encadenado, Arsenal, Bilbao, Vitoria, Pamplona.

1996 Arco 96. Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid.

1995 Arco 95. Ángel Romero Gallery, Madrid & Art Cologne. 29th International Kunstmarkt. Ángel Romero Gallery, Madrid/ IV Mostra Union Fenosa. Estacion Maritima, La Coruña/ LVI National Exhibition of Plastic Arts, Cecilio Muñoz Fillol Cultural Center, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)/ Vegetales Frescos (Huesca County Council. Cloister of the Cathedral, Huesca. Exhibition Hall of the City Council of Huesca. Exhibition Hall of the Diputación General de Aragón, Círculo Oscense. Huesca/ II Encounter of Art of the Valley of the Genal, Genalguacil (Málaga).

1993 Kulturgintza-Igorre, Collection Saenz de Gorbea. 1993 Igorreko Industrialdea-Igorre/ Arco 93. Gallery Angel Romero, Madrid/ First Contest "The Sport in the painting", Albacete Balompié. Museum of Albacete/ IV Biennial of Painting City of Pamplona, Pamplona, Spain.

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