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Santanu Dey

1981, India

4 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Santanu Dey

is it equilibrium?


106.68 x 106.68 x 12.7cm

1875,00 €

rivers never go reverse


20.32 x 27.94cm

mountain without snow


27.94 x 19.05cm



20.32 x 27.94cm

Born in 1981 in Kolkata, Santanu studied sculpture at the Government College of Art & Craft, in Kolkata followed by a Masters at MSU Baroda. 


Environmental issues that face is the core concern for Santanu, and he hopes to communicate this through his work. The unscrupulous use of natural resources, the impact of consumerism and the mindless exploiting of resources for minor comforts are some of the emotions that he expresses through his practice. He works with a host of materials – e-waste, paper, wood, aluminum litho-plate, graphite, steel pins, amongst others. 

The artist currently lives and works in New Delhi.