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Tokyo, Japan

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Matsuahima Sakurako’s elegantly sculpted wave-like forms decorated with lacquer, mother of pearl and powdered gold reminds us of the Rinpa style of Japanese art in the 17th century that was characterized by brilliant coloured painting and the lavish use of gold leaf, such as in the famous iris screens painted by Ogata Korin.
Her use of lacquer was inspired by her travels deep inside of China and other Asian countries when she was in her twenties, where there are old, established traditions of lacquer. “When contemplating a new work. I strive to create something that enables viewers to feel the underlying potency of nature, the silent flow of energy and to grasp the marvel that we are alive.”

The nature of Urushi by Matsushima: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWCq1PLjNI8&frags=pl%2Cwn