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Communicating, this is my intent. Say about me and my relationship with reality. This I ask my works.

The Work of Art is that of the past, but also of the present, capable of making the strings of the human heart vibrate, which regardless of everything moves you, makes you feel good ... It is not known how or why but it introduces you to mystery, to beauty.

Painting is a necessity for me, it is the attempt to stop an instant of that beauty, it is a groping journey, it is an approach.

It is a journey that I hope will accompany my life in search of what can be called, God willing, my Work of Art. For several years I have been enjoying the journey, but if one day I happen to see, in the eyes of someone who has decided to accompany me, a hint of that vibration, a veil of surprise or emotion in admiring one of my works, then I will know have fully achieved my goal.

Works by Sabino Galante

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