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Ruben Brulat

1988 Laudun, France

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Born in 1988 in France.

“Commencements” is the title of the latest series by Ruben Brulat, presented to the public in 2015. For this new project the artist has travelled to Ethiopia where he has exposed his naked body to the volcanic forces. The result is a series of striking large and medium size photos as well as a number of sculptures and canvases. The artist has taken his practice beyond the photographic medium in this project, experimenting further the relation between nature and the human body.

Solo Exhibitions

"Commencements", Estart gallery, Pietrasanta, August 2015
"Matieres de l'Interieur", for the Autofocus prize/Vanni Ochiali, Young photography, Torino, May - June 2015
"Paths", at Theatre de National Toulouse / Galerie Pinxit, Toulouse, April - May 2014
"Sharing Paths", at the Espacio Valverde Gallery, Madrid, December 2013
"Sharing Paths", at the Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin, September 2013
"Immaculate and Primates", at Confluence Gallery, Nantes, March - April 2011
"Immaculate and Primates", at Schierke Space, Munich, October - December 2010
"Immaculate and Primates", at G3 Gallery, Hamburg, May - September 2010
"At the edge of Brink", Immaculate and Primates, at Galerie Chambre avec vues, Paris, May - July 2010

Group Exhibitions

“Forces of Nature”, at the Art Pavillon, London, March 2017
“This is not a curated exhibition”, at Galleria Ramo, Lugano, March 2017
“Commencements” and various paintings, at Saatchi Gallery, London, September 2016
"Paths", at Ncontemporary, London, December 2015
"Commencements", at Lamb Arts gallery, London, February - March 2015
"Paths", at Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, the other, Turin, November 2014
"Paths", at Galerie Le LAB, Paris, September - November 2014
"Paths", at Dakar Biennale, May - June 2014
"Paths", at Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Tel-Aviv, January - February 2014
"Immaculate and Primates", at Promenades de Vendome, Vendome, June - August 2011
"Primates", Souvenir From earth TV (slideshow) showing in Palais de Tokyo, 2010.
"Primates", at Librairie de la Galerie, Paris, Mai 2010
"Primates", at The LAB, Los Angeles, March - April 2010

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Works by Ruben Brulat

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