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Roubichou Guilhem

United States

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Guilhem Roubichou reappropriates his daily life and his "neo-rural" culture by moving them into the field of art. He creates a contrast between natural and artificial systems and plays with the "gadget technology" that is becoming more and more popular, by diverting their primary function. He experiments, builds devices and re-exploits his "happy accidents". Between piles of earth, clay, plastic bags or photovoltaic panels, the artist creates a link through his works with the viewer, guided by a common memory, a reminiscence that is banal. His work takes a critical look at the absurdity of things. By playing with codes that are or are not his own, he analyzes the transformations that are taking place in our contemporary society on our landscapes and our relationship to technology, all with lightness and humor.

Milena Stojilkovic

- 2020 "Tangente", public space, Orleans, France.
- 2020 "69th edition of Jeune Création", Fiminco Foundation, Romainville (coming soon), France.
- 2019 "The black smell of pink ideas", Le Box, Toulouse, France
- 2019 "Living Cube #3", Orleans, France
- 2019 "Bricodrama", Lieu-Commun, Toulouse, France
- 2019 "Prélèvement", École Supérieure D'art des Pyrénées, Pau, France
- 2019 "Spacehopper chap2", Knust Festival, Brussels, Belgium
- 2019 "Finalement?", Grande Surface, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2019 "The apparent simplicity of things", Le Point Commun, Annecy, France.
- 2018 "Joyful destruction", Artothèque, Le Havre, France.
- 2018 "Decadence," Double Séjour, Franklin Azzi, Paris, France.
- 2018 "En route to Iter," Aréa42, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2018 "Dancing Queen", Grande Surface, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2018 "It was better tomorrow", La Vallée, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2018 "Courant Continu", Moulin des Evêques, Agde, Frac Occitanie Montpellier, France
- 2018 "Between New Lines", Zsennes Art Lab, Brussels (ArtBrussels), Belgium.
- 2018 "Firstly", Grande Surface, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2018 "Sales", Hunting and Collecting, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2017 "Rita McBride: Explorer," Wiels, Brussels, Belgium.
- 2016 "Dream!", Yvon Lambert Collection, Avignon, France.
- 2016 "¡A PROPOS!", Villa Arson, Galerie de la Marine, Nice, France.
- 2014 "In the Skin," Museu de la pell, Vic Catalonia, Spain.
- 2014 "You are here", Le Carmel, Tarbes, France.

Assistant, Internships and organization:
- 2019, Régie La Méca FRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bordeaux.
- 2019, DNAP student internship supervisor, Pau
- 2018, Grande Surface, Brussels, co-founder/community manager, Belgium.
- 2017, Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels - 2016, Pascal Pinaud
- 2014, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot - 2014, Michel Blazy

- 2020, Creation residency, Caza d'Or, Mas d'Azil, France
- 2019, DRAC Occitanie creation grant - 2019, Residency coup de pouce, Le Bel Ordinaire, Billère, France
- 2019, Residency Knust Festival, Brussels, Belgium
- 2018, Residency SZennes Art Lab, Brussels, Belgium

- 2016, DNSEP (congratulations of the Jury), Villa Arson, Nice.
- 2013, DNAP (mention), École supérieure d'Art des Pyrénées, Tarbes.


Works by Roubichou Guilhem

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