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Rotem Gerstel

1988 Israel

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Rotem Gerstel was born in Israel in 1988. She currently lives and works in Paris (Ateliers Poush Manifesto). Her multidisciplinary artistic practice varies between sculpture, video, installation, drawing and sound.

She graduated from the BFA of the Ceramics and Glass Department of the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, the Audiovisual Department (VAV) of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and the European Postgraduate Program in Sound Arts at the 'KASK Art Academy in Ghent.

She has participated in several artistic residencies such as the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, DOC! in Paris and the Werkraum Warteck pp in Basel. She has presented her work in several group exhibitions in Europe and Israel. In 2018, Rotem Gerstel and Simone Etter created the traveling radio station THE REAL, focused on the transmission of artistic activities and actions formed in artist residences.

"The key principle of my work is the elusive, which escapes us. I question the "airlock" that lies between life and art, investigating the material possibilities it offers. And through this, I keep alive the suspension between artistic objects and reality. In my studio, I mainly work with drawing, video, sound and sculpture while using specific spaces and materials extracted from my environment. By manipulating indefinite objects and spaces, I grant them a renewal of context and visibility and thus create an independent solar system made up of singular planets. My approach is more methodological than conceptual. I constantly observe my habitat, diverting and collecting random images and reconstructing them in my studio. They instruct me to create a parallel sphere made up of these seemingly separate media. In doing so, I question how information flows between myself, the space object, and the observer. By formatting and creating these unique environments, I seek to expose the polysemy of the term “medium”. The walls of the objects I work delimit and support them in their form, making them recognizable. The looming questions of permeability in communication lead me to contemplate the impossibility of language, synchronicity and asynchrony. This state of uncertainty, of non-recognition of an object, before formalizing the relationship that we establish with it is significant in my installations, it appears as a "third character" which is formalized between me and the object".

Works by Rotem Gerstel

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