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Rosine Klatzmann Wasserman was a journalist for a long time. She is also a photographer and produced the book Tel Aviv Photomosaics, which presents the White City in the form of colorful mosaics. An original concept that seduced Ron Houldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv, who writes in the preface: "How did we not think of it earlier? Next step, Jerusalem Photomosaics? Perhaps ; the series on Méa Shéarim would surely be the strong point.

Tel Aviv Photomosaics is a book that presents photomontages, some composed of over a hundred photos, all taken by its author, Rosine Klatzmann-Wasserman. Rosine Klatzmann-Wasserman lives in Paris and has a real passion for Tel Aviv, which she has photographed for years, in every nook and cranny, sometimes very far from so-called "tourist" areas.

After bringing together thousands of photos in this way, she one day had the idea of ​​putting them together in the form of photomontages, mosaics. Then the idea for the book arose and this is how "Tel Aviv Photomosaics" was born.

The idea of ​​presenting the White City in the form of colorful mosaics seduced with its original and innovative side!

Tel Aviv Photomosaics are photomontages on places that are certainly familiar, but which have never been presented in this way.

The Agam fountain with, four times a day, its unique spectacle (water, fire, music and changing colors), the formidable architectural ensemble offered by the Azrieli towers, the joyful and animated shadows of children at sunset on the Namal , but also the red fire hydrants with big eyes constantly watching us, the hilarious models in Allenby's storefronts and much more.

The aim of this book is to offer another perspective on Tel Aviv. It allows you to rediscover it from a new angle. A lively and vibrant city, an energetic and energizing city, a White and colorful City, whose daily life is magnified by the multiplicity of photos.

“Every city is a mosaic, human, physical and cultural, of people, houses, gardens and streets, new and old, rich and poor, colorful and dull. So it seems only natural to try to capture and convey the spirit of a city through a mosaic, ”says Ron Huldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, in the book's preface.

A book with her pieces sold in museums and prefaced by Tel Aviv's Mayor : "Tel Aviv Photomasaïcs"

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