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Roberto Alfano

1981 Lodi, Italy

10 Works exhibited

Current location

Milan, Italy

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Roberto Alfano (Lodi,Italy,1981) Lives and works in Milano. The province hides behind the betrayals of the beauty of things and the pleasures of the eyes. The green valleys, the lakes and rivers, the plains and the hilly bustles with their habits, their festivals and fairs, the saints and the Virgin Maries; all of this has given way to a mixture where signs and signals are blurred among peripheral and rural territories, which vulgarize and blend into the contradictory images that suit the province.

Roberto Alfano's artistic practics finds itself in this rural imaginary. To begin with, the practice of graffiti was a commonplace in which he has elaborated the relationship between painting and its surfaces, its exhibition, the praised display, upon which signs went together with the landscape, left to the action of time and its ruined walls, broken glasses, abandoned factories and whatever surfaces were capable to manifest a form of recurrence within the landscape. 

Alfano has immersed himself in the atmosphere of the imaginary of these places, with their redundancy which nurtured among the fields and took root slowly in those who walked through them as a child. We are talking about the initial pop imaginary on which the artist has focussed on for years, about the redundancies of signs which have innervated the province: from the Lega, to the nutrias, until the “classicism” of the bare sheds and so on. Roberto’s work is concerned with the obsession of signs, the recurrence of experiences in those spaces which seem closed, tight between fields and fogs. In the gaze that hangs a few meters away, it is easy to lose rationality and be deceived, and Roberto’s practice is the one that refers to the inner space occupied by the symbols, figures and characters which this blurry landscape produces. They are the memories which fade in the horizon and sediment nearby, they are the mirage of the gaze, where toys and childish attitudes come to life, with their dreams and delusions which are a mixture of wars and classicisms, rainbows and tanks.


Accademia delle belle arti di Brera



We don’t need money, we need time, SSC, Milano
12 artist of tomorrow, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Roma
Post Grafti Stress Disorder, Museo MARCA, Catanzaro
Hold on, spring is coming, V9, Varsavia

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