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Roberta Morzetti

1979 Tuscania, Italy

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Roberta Morzetti was born in Tarquinia in 1979. She attended the Fashion and Costume Academy of Fine Arts "Lorenzo da Viterbo" (ABAV) - in Viterbo, achieving, in 2005, the academic degree with honor. Her experience starts in the fashion field as a stylist, designing clothing lines with recycled materials (Leccal label, CementArmato, Aporie). In Rome, she became costumes assistant for Andrea Viotti, company Gabriele Lavia ("Le Nozze di Figaro", directed by Matteo Tarasco, 2007, Teatro Eliseo; "Misura per Misura", directed by Gabriele Lavia, 2007, Teatro Argentina) , by Laura Costantini (for the musicals "A un passo dal sogno", 2008, "", 2009, directed by Marco Mattolini, Teatro Brancaccio, for the film "There's no two without you", directed by Massimo Cappelli, 2015), by Michela Marino (for the short film "Anni 30", directed by Luciano Melchionna, 2008).

Roberta's artistic production exposes us to a dexterity that transforms materials used to express a high ideal of relationship, using the artistic impulse as a healing function, compensatory of a pain that is constantly omnipresent. The first creative impetus is therefore her experience and her memories, which constantly watch over the process of conception, so there is symbiosis and synthesis between the creative passion that needs to be transformed “materia”, and the meanings of the completed work that are multiple and impregnated of symbolic valences, with omnipresent chthonic divinities in background even even if not visible. Thus sex and death (Eros and Thanatos) combine in Morzetti’s work, actualy in all her works, which present, without complacency, a perfect correlation between the feminine element and death. The sacrificial ritual and the scream of Munch seem to be repeated in her installations and sculptures. The use of white and plaster attenuates the drama of the vision, but reminds us of the “briquettes” of the works of mercy of “Luca Della Robbia” not to make us forget, so it seems, that awareness refines the sensitivity and multiplies the symbolic meanings, and with the awareness that a white veil covers all forms of life as quicklime. Medium and artistic technique developed by Roberta Morzetti refer to an all-Italian tradition of assembly, which finds its first genial expression in Ettore Colla. The wreck, the object found, is relocated and given a symmetrical value in the cry of complaint that accompanies the work. It is clear that what is most urgent to Roberta is the denunciation, the disguised and transfigured rebellion through the beauty of art; but it is still a denunciation, an acknowledgement, a reference to conscience and to a superior morality. All this makes this young artist a vate, with her burden of pain and memories and with her courage to show them to the world "(Alessandro D'Ercole, 2016).

Since 2012, he has devoted herself to the production of large sculptures, moulding directly on her body, and reworking with blowtorch and assembling with other objects. In 2012, at the “Circolo degli Artisti”, in Rome, she exhibits various works in a group exhibition WI FI Art (Curator Pietro Paolo Cannistraci). In 2012, she creates"BebèBangBang", which was included in 2015 in the permanent collection of the MAAM Museum in Rome (Curator Giorgio de Finis). In 2012, she exhibits some works as part of a group exhibition "Un non so che", at Palazzo Farnes in Tuscania. In 2015, she obtains the first Medusa Aurea prize, of the International Academy of Modern Art, in Rome, Sculpture section, with the artwork "C5-C7". In 2016, she designs and produces the artpiece "La Muerte Borracha", on permanent exhibition at Inofficina in Rome. In 2017 she exhibits as special guest during RAW 2017 (Rome Art week) at “Mannequin” Angelo Savarese solo artshow. In 2017, she exhibits in a group exhibition “Flusso di Linfa” at Pavart Art Gallery. (curator Velia Littera) In 2017 che partecipates to a video art project titled R_Esisto in occasion of the national day against feminicide.( In 2017 she is invited to exhibit at a convention against violence on women “Parlami di te” at Forum Center in Rome. In 2018 she takes part at the production of an urban installation for the Playground of Amatrice, devasted land by earthwake (curtaor Velia Littera) From 2017, some works are on display at Pavart Art Gallery, in Rome. Velia Littera is her art manager worlwide.

Roberta Morzetti was awarded in 2012 by the International Academy of Modern Art with the gold medal merit at the final selection of the International Trophy "Medusa Aurea" XXXVI edition. A milestone achieved in the National section Sculpture category thanks to the work "C5 C7".

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