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Richard Otparlic

1993 France

5 Works exhibited

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I have always been bathed in a visually charged family environment. Both my parents are Romanian and I remember the omnipresence of the floral motif, whether in the tapestries made by my great-grandmother, the wallpaper in my grandmother's living room or the tablecloths and curtains. I was also immersed in pop culture with the posters of stars that hung in my sister's room.

This is how two obsessions developed. One for the floral motif which connects me to a nostalgia of my childhood, kitsch, and which develops to excess in the textile industry. The other for the smooth and artificial character of the media image, (advertising, pornography, clips, fashion) with the mercantile logic aiming at captivating the glance. Iconic and diktatized quasies, these images fascinate me as much as they repel me.

My work cohabits and confronts these two attachments by transmitting the pleasure of making. It's an incessant balancing act between sincerity and artifice. The use of gender clichés and those referring to popular images set up a plastic research mixing the mediums in a relationship to space.

Born in the 90s I grew up at the same time as the generational phenomenon in which I am anchored: Social networks are a skin, a costume, a simple image of what we want to show. I create in my turn an image, and play on the seduction to set up a questioning between the parody or the pure narcissism.

My image taking up the current codifications of our hyper sexualized, distorted and normalized society exists only virtually and thus becomes a projection of my body envelope. It imposes itself as a motif ready to be multiplied, plastered, superimposed in mainly monumental formats. It is my raw material. In painting, photography, digital collage or video, all mediums are necessary to remodel my image at the same pace as current trends.

The use of textile (clothing, fabrics, knitting, weaving) and flowers in all these states, creates a more precious atmosphere. Connoted decorative, feminine, popular, I go beyond this first look to anchor myself in a real work of color, light and composition.

Works by Richard Otparlic

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