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Sansepolcro, Italy

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Riccardo Lorenzi was born and lives in Tuscany, in Sansepolcro, in Via XX Settembre n°61 and is always ready to offer a cup of coffee to those who come knocking at his door.
Since he was a child, the camera has been his preferred tool for reproducing his view of the world.
His travel experiences and daily spaces soon became an observatory for capturing, in black and white or in color, the multi-formed realty of expressions, faces, places, and encounters. As eclectic as his images, he moves in a constant search for new languages for finished projects and others still in movement.

He has been a reporter in Canada (2004), Morocco and Lisbon (2005), Vietnam (2006), New York and Cuba (2007), Northern Ireland and Syria (2008), Turkey, Sarajevo and Berlin (2009), Cairo, Holland and Sicily (2010), Barcelona and New Orleans (2011), Iceland (2012), Copenaghen (2013), Lampedusa (2014), Norway (2015), Turin and Rovereto (2017), Biella, Ivrea (2018), Rome (2019).

He has collaborated with many artists (in the creation of exhibitions and books) and his photographic portraits include Lucio Dalla, Emanuele Crialese, Gianfranco Rosi, Marco Paolini, Gino and Michele, Alessandro Fullin, Giuseppe Di Leva, Salvatore Sciarrino, Valentina Lodovini, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Franco Alessandrini, Bruno Ceccobelli, Tommaso Cascella, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Claudio Parmiggiani.
He is co-founder and vice president of the Culture of Peace Association: culturadellapace.org.
In 2014 he created the exhibition "Revisitation: Burri meets Piero della Francesca", in collaboration with the Civic Museum of Sansepolcro and the Palazzo Albizzini Foundation Burri Collection of Città di Castello, as part of the Celebrations of the Centenary of Alberto Burri; as well as the documentary co-produced with SkyArte "Alberto Burri and Piero della Francesca: The two revolutions" (2015).
He made reportages in Canada (2004), Morocco and Lisbon (2005), Vietnam (2006), New York City and Cuba (2007), Northern Ireland and Syria (2008), Turkey, Sarajevo and Berlin (2009), Cairo , Holland and Sicily (2010), Barcelona and New Orleans (2011), Iceland (2012), Copenhagen (2013), Lampedusa (2014), Norway (2015), as well as numerous works in Italy (Rome, Turin, Ivrea, Biella, Bologna.
Since 2007 he has also been working on "Verticalità": a project conceived by him and dedicated to the architecture of cities.
Among the numerous exhibitions and video installations, we remember those of Rome, Turin, Milan, Trieste, Reggio Emilia, Arezzo, Anghiari, San Marino, Città di Castello, Paestum, New Orleans.
In 2012 he designed "4 paths for peace" together with photographers Giovanni Santi, Mario Dondero and Francesco Cito.
On the initiative of the AVO (Association of Hospital Volunteers) of Reggio Emilia, it has a permanent exhibition of the "Com on" report dedicated to Vietnam at the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Reggio Emilia.
Always on permanent display has, at the Municipality of Anghiari, the work "Verticality 4". His photographs have been published in the most important specialized Italian magazines. In 2012 the magazine "Progresso Photographic" published with Leica the photo "The girls of Damascus" in the section "the masters of black and white".

Verticalità 1 e 2 (2007)
Afotorismi (2009)
Verticalità 3 (2010)
Umm ad-Dunya-Il Cairo (2010)
Poràjamos (2011)
Clothes (2011)
Solo in un silenzio, omaggio a Paolo Conte in dodici atti (2011)
Milleannialmondo, milleancora... (2012)
Verticalità 4 (2013)
60per60 (2013)
360 (2014)
porte (2015)
il mare negli occhi (2016)
chissà com’è invece il mondo visto da te (2017)
(in)visibili (2018) limited edition
1+1=3 (2019) limited edition
Città aperta (2020)
Guidi le stelle le raduni in gregge e me le porti (2020)