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Renzo Meschis was born in Palermo in 1945. During his training he observed and received the work of the great masters of the twentieth-century avant-garde. In 1973 he met fellow countryman Renato Guttuso, whose vigor of chromatics and forms he assimilated, conceiving a personal and clearly recognizable style. For a period he lived in Milan, and in the cultural climate of those years he met Fontana and other artists with whom he came into contact, although at that time he was involved in music rather than art.

Toward the end of the 1970s he returned to Sicily and became a master of art, gaining his own role in the territory that allowed him to open a gallery in his hometown, an activity that absorbed him totally. For the next twenty-two years, in fact, he interrupted his activity as a painter to devote himself to that of a gallery owner, but he was also engaged as a publisher and art dealer, while the gallery now became a historical and reference place for the artistic life of the Sicilian capital.

His painting is the bearer of the chromatic, formal and aesthetic values of the landscape that constitutes the identity of his homeland, so much so that it is appreciated even by Guttuso, who says of Meschis, "There is something direct between you and the object of your work, a spontaneity and simplification that eliminate cultural mediations."