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La danse de Vénus


18 x 40 x 18cm

950,00 €

Ce plaisir est le mien


20 x 24 x 20cm

950,00 €



19 x 28 x 16cm

2800,00 €

Reno, 68 years old, self-taught sculptor.

He divides his time between his two workshops, one in the Paris region and the other in Brittany. 

Reno works with many materials, such as plaster, clay, stone or bronze. He is inspired by the sensuality of bodies, their eroticism and their fluid curves to create sculptures that the viewer would believe to be in motion. Women occupy an important place in his work. From them, he draws his inspiration. Desire is at the origin of all his works, allowing him to infuse his sculptures with the vital impetus he seeks.

"The eroticism of women is exacerbated by the magic of a smile, by an abandoned hand that invites to travel. Desire emanates from a shiver. Numerous exhibitions in Paris, Cannes (Carlton International Hotel and gallery), Rueil Malmaison, Lourmarin, Nyons... Private collections: France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, UK, USA ....

Member of the Taylor Foundation. Akoun International listing.