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Rebecca Clews

Tijeras, United States

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Washington, D.C.

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Works by Rebeca Clews

Waves of Sunlight


54.6 x 55.9cm


Rebecca Clews uses photography to explore her search for a sense of place by constructing other-worldly environments that play with space and scale. Having grown up in a rural environment, she has feelings of rapt admiration for the vastness and beauty of the landscape.  Her work creates not only a sense of wonder, but sometimes either playfulness or foreboding in an environment of magic realism. 

Born in Tijeras, New Mexico, she graduated with a BFA in photography from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in multiple group and solo exhibitions throughout Kansas City. In April 2013, her microscopic images were used in a rear screen projection that served as a stage space for performers in, "Darwin" a multi-model bio-opera held at Union Station's City Stage in Kansas City. In January 2014, her work was published on the cover of The Hand Magazine.. She is currently living in Washington, D.C., working as a Contract Photographer for the National Gallery of Art.

Solo Exhibitions:

Potter Gallery at Western Missouri State University, St. Joseph Missouri. 2016                                                                                       

Worlds in Flux, Plenum Space, Kansas City, Missouri March 2015.

Longer Earthbound, The Trap Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, April 2014.

Infinite Impossibilities, South Branch Library, Kansas City, Kansas May-June 2014