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Raphael Federici

1986 France

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Born in 1986, of Corsican and Cameroonian origin, Raphael Federici lives and works in Paris. But he devotes himself almost exclusively to travelling, where he goes in search of walls to paint.  He claims to be a member of the Y generation, and seeks to be a spokesperson for a generation through his subjects and techniques and seeks contact with his contemporaries by trying out a "universal" language: street art.  He claims his art as "all terrain", combining classical painting, aerosol painting, illustration, and other forms of art useful to the making of his universe (sculpture, leatherwork, projection, carpentry...) and working in the studio as well as in the urban environment.  He likes to confront so-called "noble" techniques, to serve a more "underground" message and to give birth to a new essence from this mix, sometimes with a taste of unfinished business. Since 2012 he has been painting all over the world in constant search of inspiration and adventure. He describes his artistic movement as Neo Pop-expressionism, and is currently working on the paths of Afro-futurism.

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