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Raluca Arnautu

1977 Bucharest, Romania

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Raluca Arnăutu was born in 1977 in Bucharest, Romania. She graduates the University of Art from Bucharest, Romania. She became known to the public through large textile installation. In 2012 she represents Romania at the 3rdInternational Kids’ Carnival “Tales and Thoughts” in Venice, Italy with the project “Beasts and Superbeasts”.

Raluca Arnăutu said: “Generally, my works represent a mixture of readymade and fabrics sculpture and at the same time have a hidden emotional imprint somewhere in childhood”. Objects and drawings signed by artist evoke emblems characters from the ancient fairy tales and legends such as wolf, dragon, eagle, polar bear, fish or cat, through technical and mental collages, that outline a world of strong feelings where you can no longer distinguish between reality and dream.

Works in private collections from Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Romania, etc.

Raluca Arnăutu is represented by Anaid Art Gallery since 2011.


2005-2007: MA in Visual Arts, West University, Timisoara, Romania;

1997-2002: The National University of Arts, Bucharest, Graphic Department;

1992-1996: Nicolae Tonitza High School of Art, Bucharest, Romania;


Solo shows:

2018: "Deconstruction", Kahan Art Space, Budapest, Hungary

2016: Intervention in space at National Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania;

2015: "Tagträumendes Herz", Anaid Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2015: “Noise and Silence” in the framework of the Documentary Film Festival, Docuart 2015 Bucharest, Romania;

2015: “Boxes, drawers and a gibbon”, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, installation;

2014: “Phantasmagoria”, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, installation;

2013: “Zoolandia”, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, installation;

2008: “Join”, Mora Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;

2007: “Soul Sale”, Open House, Bucharest, Romania, action;

2003: “Trees”, Art Jazz Club, Bucharest, Romania;

2003: “Say, Fish!!”, Hotel President, Mangalia, Romania;


Group shows:

2017: "La rencontre des mondes", L'Abbaye du Voeu, Cherbourg - en - Cotentin, France 

2012: “Beasts and Superbeasts” within the frame of 3rd International Kids’ Carnival, “Tales and Thoughts”, Central Pavilion, Venice, Italy;

2011 - 2011: “Lost and Found”, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;

2011: “Beasts and Superbeasts”, Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;

2008: “Studio in Transition, Transition in the Studio”, Kenvelo former store near Eminescu library, Bucharest, Romania;

2007: “Nomad - Load/Flow/Mix - Music & Visuals in Open Air”, projections on fire wall in Bucharest, second edition, Romania;

2006: Roll Up Art Project – I Love Bucharest, Romania;

2006: Desant - Cinema Independent, Desant Theatre, Bucharest, short movie projections – “Forward Rewind”, Romania;

2006: “Nomad - Load/Flow/Mix - Music & Visuals in Open Air”, projections on fire walls in Bucharest, Romania;

2005: “Happy Sundays @ The Museum #2”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania;

2004: “Visual Policies and Practices / Codes and Identities, The Violence of Image / The Image of Violence”, The Biennial of Young Artists, first edition, Bucharest, Romania;

2002: “Collection Winter – Spring”, Galeria Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;







Catalog Raluca Arnăutu. Assemblages / Collages 2012 - 2018, edited by Anaid Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2018


2006: “Videoformes” – International Video Art and Multimedia Festival, “Clermont-Ferrand”, France;

2002: “Accente - Amprente” contest – Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;

2001: Balkan Youth Art Festival, Litohoro, Greece;

2001: “The Site of the Ewe” 3/5 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;


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