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Rait Prääts

1952 Tallinn, Estonia

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Rait Prääts uses glass like drawing paper, like a canvas for painting, or clay for modeling. He works mainly with molten glass painting of the mold, which is later finished by cold processing. His works are unique syntheses of glass, painting, and sculpture telling realistic stories and depicting the world in its paradox.

Rait Prääts' series "Simple Questions" grew out of a desire to taste the sweetness offered by manipulation based on data collection and processing. Representing the digital world, he enters and intervenes in it, becomes a judge and satisfies lusts, overturns previous decisions simply for fun and without explanation. In his more recent works, Rait Prääts also continues to depict the computer world, this time trying to visualize artificial intelligence. Both series talk about how the virtual world quietly takes the lead and makes us dependent.


  • Born 1952 Tallinn, Estonia
  • Studied: Estonian State Institute of Art 1970-1975
  • Participating in exhibitions since 1975
  • Member of the Estonian Artists’ Union since 1984
  • Lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Art 1993-2003
  • Curator of the KUNSTISUVI / ART SUMMER festival 1995-2008
  • Freelance artist since 2003

2013   contest exhibition From Artist to Library, National Library  3. Prize

2013   Kristjan Raud Art Award

2008   Recognized Glass Artist 2006-2007

1987   Estonian National Award

1986   1st prize –  stained glass design competition for the Sakala Centre, Tallinn

1978   1st prize –  stained glass design competition for the St Nicholas’ Church, Tallinn

Works by Rait Prääts

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27 x 85 x 25 cm

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