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Leija, Belgium

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Works by Rafa Fernández

Florent (Nueva York) - 2008


40 x 30cm

1100,00 €

San Francisco - 2015


18 x 27cm

850,00 €

Memphis - 2017


18 x 27cm

850,00 €

Chicago - 2014


18 x 27cm

850,00 €

Nueva York - 2008


70 x 70cm

1500,00 €

Gift shop (Ruta 66) - 2015


40 x 30cm

1100,00 €

Clint (Ruta 66) - 2015


40 x 30cm

1100,00 €

Grand Canyon - 2015


91 x 51cm

1500,00 €

Coney Island - 2008


91 x 51cm

1500,00 €

Deville (Coney Island) - 2011


91 x 51cm

1500,00 €

Rafa Fernandez


Originally from the city of Liege (Belgium), where he was born in 1966, Rafa has a long career behind him, having worked for years with "Espacio Foto" (Madrid) and "El Arte de lo Imposible" (Gijón). He is currently working with the Lucía Dueñas Gallery (Oviedo). He has also had solo exhibitions at Mediaadvanced (Gijón) and at the SegoviaFoto Festival at the Palacio de Quintanar. He has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including several editions of the "Festival Hablar en Plata". His last group exhibition "The great book of the world. A decade of photography in Asturias" was presented at the Juan Barjola Museum (Gijón) in April 2021. Also in 2021 he inaugurates the solo exhibition "American Way" at the Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos in Gijón.


In his work, photography and travel go hand in hand. Her words are defining in this regard: "I have read that Annie Leibovitz remembered the long car trips with her family, touring the different destinations of her military father. She commented that the car window frame was her frame long before she had a camera in her hands. It was the same for me, through the window of my father's Beetle I got used to seeing the world as we drove halfway across Europe from my native Belgium to return to Asturias on vacation."


Although he has traveled the world extensively and has notable works from countries such as Japan, his weakness is the United States. Perhaps it has to do with his varied musical and artistic references, all of them directly linked to this nation: jazz and blues; the photography of Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand and William Eggleston, among many others; and the hyperrealist painting of the second half of the 20th century by authors such as John Baeder or Richard Estes.


Rafael Fernández Álvarez

Liège (Belgium) 1966




2021 American Way. Individual exhibition. Former Jovellanos Institute, Gijón

Four series. Group exhibition. Lucía Dueñas Gallery, Oviedo

The great book of the world. A decade of photography in Asturias. Group exhibition. Juan Barjola Museum, Gijón  


2018 Fotografía 01: lo capital es la mirada. Group exhibition. Lucía Dueñas Gallery, Oviedo

Mezcolanza. Group exhibition. Lucía Dueñas Gallery, Oviedo


2015 Speaking in Silver, Festival. Group Exhibition. C.C. El Coto, Gijón


2014 Japan the intensity of emptiness. Group exhibition. Dos Ajolotes Gallery, Oviedo

New York-Tokyo. Individual exhibition. Espacio Foto Gallery, Madrid

Leaving reality behind. Individual exhibition. El Arte de lo Imposible Gallery, Gijón

Speaking in Silver Festival. Collective Exhibition- C.C. El Coto, Gijón


2013 Speaking in Silver, Festival. Group Exhibition, Ateneo, Orense

On a bike and crazy. Collective Exhibition. El Arte de lo Imposible Gallery, Gijón

Walking with Honduras. Group Exhibition and collaboration in charity auction. Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Center

Speaking in Silver, Festival. Collective Exhibition. C.C. El Coto, Gijón

New York State of Mind. Individual Exhibition at the SegoviaFoto Festival. Palacio de Quintanar, Segovia


2012 New York State of Mind. Individual Exhibition. El Arte de lo Imposible Gallery, Gijón

Speaking in Silver, Festival. Group Exhibition. C.C. El Coto, Gijón

Individual Exhibition. Espacio Vorágine. Avilés


2011 10 of 10. Group Exhibition. Art of the Impossible Gallery. Gijón

Hoy es por Hai-ti. Group Exhibition and collaboration in charity auction. Illustrious College of Doctors of Madrid

Analogics. Analogical Photography in Asturias. Collective Exhibition. Exhibition Hall Historic Building of the University of Oviedo


2010 What is crisis!. Group Exhibition. Puerta de Toledo, Madrid


2009 Kissame. Casa de Cultura, Grado

Interns. Group Exhibition. El Arte de lo Imposible Gallery, Gijón

Erotism. Group Exhibition. Ángulo Gallery, Oviedo

Preserved Love. Group Exhibition. Center of Art and Exhibitions of Avilés (CMAE), Avilés


2008 Individual Exhibition. Ateneo de Turón

Individual Exhibition Casa de Cultura, Mieres

Individual Exhibition Mediadvanced Gallery, Gijón


2007 Back Open Forum Hall, Cervantes Bookstore, Oviedo

Snapshots. Individual Exhibition. House of Culture, Colunga


2006 Individual Exhibition, Sala Populart, Avilés, Avilés

Ways of seeing. Individual Exhibition. Bombay Hall, Avilés


2005 Individual Exhibition, Mar del Sueve Hotel, Colunga, Colunga

Semeyas. Individual Exhibition. Palace of Valdecarzana, Avilés


2004 Collective Exhibition, Telecentro La Lila, Oviedo




2011 21 Le mag

2012 Viento Sur




2014 Talk-colloquium From Asturias to Tokyo, Speaking in silver. CMI El Coto, Gijón 
Conference on the project Leaving Reality Behind Museum of the People of Asturias, Gijón 

2013 Talk-colloquium on instant photography. Northern Lights Conference, Gijón

2012 Lecture on my work. Alcuentros Óptica Festival, Gijón



“We discover after years of struggle that we do not make a trip: he makes us. Guides, programs, reservations, obligatory and unavoidable things, sink and shipwreck in the personality of the trip”.


John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley in Search of America, 1962


Gautier sentenced that the pleasure of the trip consists in going, not in arriving. Rafa Fernández conceives the trip in this way, as an experience in which the important thing is the route traveled and collected through photography understood as a visual, not written perigesis. His snapshots reconstruct a personal American topography of human types, street scenes, highways, cars, gas stations, cafes, hotels... An inventory of the traveled territories.


Carmelo Vega, in his essay Tourist Logics of Photography, reflects on how photographic practice and travel experience go hand in hand:


“The photographic journeys were conceived as truth journeys: the photographic image thus reconstituted the image of the world. To photograph was to see again. But, in addition, seeing in an orderly way: planning and structuring the look like a file, methodically placing things in their place, pointing out their exact situation, determining their importance. In short, cataloging places, cultures, individuals, objects”.


Traveling is knowing. In 1960, John Steinbeck discovered that he did not know his own country and, together with his dog Charley, began a long journey through American lands. In Rafa Fernández's travels, his companion is a Leica M6 that seems to shoot to the rhythm of blues or jazz. Steinbeck himself wrote that “a trip is a person in itself; No two are the same". And so it happens in his photograph. New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville and Coney Island, among other places. Each one with his own personality, with his own temperament.


The American Way series moves the viewer's imagination to the American planet through images that are nourished by musical, literary, pictorial references (from the hyperrealism of John Baeder or Richard Estes) and, of course, photography. The echo of Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, William Eggleston resounds… The list is as long as “long are the journeys that America requires” in the words of Stephen Shore.


Text: Natalia Alonso Arduengo

Art critic and independent curator

2013 Selected in the XIII Biennial Fotonoviembre. Atlántica Collectives. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Selected in the Luarca International Art Contest

Defoto Festival Screening of the project Leaving Reality Behind.Barjola Museum, Gijón