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Pietro Bianchini

1958 Lodi, Italy

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"When I said to "Bigin" (Luigi or Luigino), who by pure passion kept doing the adventitious peasant and lend a hand in some farms in the village where I live (Massalengo, near Lodi) and stopped in front of my gate he asked me what whether they were "that stuff there" (those things) I was worried about, that they were ready-made sculptures ("they are called ridi meid, Bigin", I told him exactly like that), he - from the top of his simplicity and peasant wisdom - he replied, after a good handful of seconds that allowed him to better observe those objects: "hosts, the real ego ... the propi rid fans" ("cribbio, it's true ... they do smile!") and after another long pause added: "yes, anyway j en robe trai asema, via!" ("yes, anyway they are objects put together, go!") Our dialogue left me perplexed, because I didn't understand if that man of 78 years - that I considered a wise and capable worker of the land and the stable and that in his life, with his head and his hands, he had grafted trees, milked cows and helped primipara and mares to give birth to new lives useful to man - whether or not he had a slightest consideration of what I, with my own hands and my fantasy, I was "creating" with the disassembled objects that surrounded me. It was early morning. When at midday Bigin passed again for his lunch break, he stopped again, approached the gate that separated us, looked again at what I had almost finished and said to me: "oh yes, j en propi robe trai asema ... ma g'ho a stuff to say, you je trai asema propi ben well, brau Pietro, cumplimenti, ciau! "(" oh yes, they are really objects put together ... but I have one thing to say, that you put them together really well, good Pietro, congratulations , Hi!"). Now those who read me will hardly believe it, but those simple and honest words touched the strings of my spirit and were those words, together with others, which came from my wife, my brother, my in-laws and many friends who convinced me to continue my "artistic path". I don't presume to have invented something new in art (the technique of the ready-made was adopted, if not invented, by illustrious artists of the past such as Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder and others to whom I dare not compare myself), but I find myself absolutely happy to be able to contribute to the offer / proposal of objects that can make my contemporaries smile or reflect, and I am also proud to be able to say, without fear of contradiction, that I contribute to keeping our world a little cleaner by trying to transforming into pleasing works what the world itself destines to waste, from bricks to metals, passing through paints and televisions, all things that otherwise would have to be disposed of with obvious costs for the community. If then, in the future, we hope close, this road of mine will bring me tangible results (I hope also economic, but above all of appreciation both from the public and from the operators of the art world), it will be for me, obviously, a great satisfaction, comparable to the dear words of a 78-year-old farmer who said to me on that day: "... good Pietro, congratulations!" I would like to add only one last thought: surely, life permitting, I will continue in my artistic research also linked to singing and to the processing of paesina stone and reclaimed ancient Lombard terracotta in order to create heraldic crests and other decorations for interiors and exteriors, but the thought that I consider important and that I want to share with the reader is the following, namely that, although I think of being gifted with sensitivity to art in all its forms and like me so many men and women, I am also convinced that in the human being there is a void that no one even though it may be grandiose, it will never be able to fill, because that void, whether we like it or not, has the form of God and filling it should be the true work of art, the true research and the vital purpose of every person. God bless us."


2019 Art Miami, Galleria d'Arte Martinelli, Miami

Works by Pietro Bianchini

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