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Pierre Oscar Brunet

1989 United States

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Paris, France

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Pierre Oscar Brunet's work cannot be mentioned without underlining his persistence, almost lived as a stubbornness, to make, every year for the last four years, a two-month residency in Finland in Jyväskylä. He always chooses the month of May or mid-September, a brief period of regeneration of nature and autumn sun in Scandinavia.

He saw in this an essential aspect, which today we call ecology, and which consists in working with nature or more exactly in creating an alliance and a dialogue with this materia prima. Pierre Oscar Brunet has felt the deep components of this, in connection with family resurgences. At the same time, his work is nourished by other inspirations: the poems of Thomas Tranströmer, the American philosopher William James and the practice of the filmmaker Stan Brakhage, a pioneer of experimental abstraction, whom he admires.Every year, Pierre Oscar Brunet leaves alone for a random walk through an unknown forest. Every year, Pierre Oscar Brunet goes alone for a random walk through an unknown forest. He chooses a clearing and delimits, with a cord, a square of 15 square meters.

From this site he makes his work. Dissolve Spaces is the title of the different pieces exhibited in Montrouge in the form of an installation and painted canvases, plural fragments of this quest, which are almost topographical surveys but in no way simple observations. Pierre Oscar Brunet questions different mediums: a super 8 film running in a loop, engravings of soil prints, a natural element taken on the spot as a memory of the place, often a lichen. He exhumes, senses and invokes an archetypal symbolism of the space shown. He is successively a filmmaker, an engraver, a serigrapher or a sculptor, assuming such a dissociation of the personality as the truth of his being.

The artist adds a series of paintings from his trip to the Arctic, using mixed techniques on silkscreen with color zones. The superb variations that he proposes to us there are essentially a dialogue with a memory of the light.

This tonality of the luminous experience and its dazzling remains a constant in this artist who proposes, through his hallucinatory topographic memories, an extended reflection on representation and cinema.

By Françoise Docquiert (for the Salon de Montrouge)


2016 Mère Mirages, Galerie du Crous de Paris.

           Mémoires de l’avenir, Academie de Beaux-Arts de Riga.

2015 Le Supplice de l’Instable, Galerie temporaire, Pantin.

        Hypnagogia, Galerie Droite, Beaux Arts de Paris.

2013  Hemkomst, Galerie 1820 Uppsala, Uppsala, Suède.

                        Hemkomst 2, Galerie Uppsala Art Lab, Uppsala, Suède.

2012 Homonyma, Galerie Collectie, Paris.

           Simulacres et couloirs, Espaces des Arts, Les Halles, Paris.

           Entre Anonymes, Galerie Art Brut, Paris.

           Anonymes Communs, Galerie Colombier, Gargilesse.

2011  Prints, 44 Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finlande.

2010  Anonyms, TCA Texas Collaborative Studio, Houston, Texas, Etats Unis.

           Sexy French Pictures, Redd Budd Gallery, Houston, Texas, Etats Unis.


Sep. / Fev. 2011 Résidence au Center of Printmaking, Jyväskylä, Finlande.

Sep./ Janv. 2010 Résidence à la galerie TCA Texas Collaborative Studio et 

        Redd Budd Gallery, Houston, Texas, Etats Unis.


2012-2015 Master à École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

                    Licence à l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

2008-2010 DMA de gravure à l’École Nationale supérieure Estienne, Paris.

2005-2008 Baccalauréat Arts Appliqués à l’École Raymond Loewy.

Works by Pierre Oscar Brunet

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