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Ellen Kooi

1962 Netherlands

2 Works exhibited

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The photography of Ellen Kooi (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 1962) is flooded with magic, symbolism and imagery. The artist plans her compositions with such craftsmanship and talent that she makes an exercise of virtuosism out of mise-en-scène. She complements natural light with artificial lighting re-interpreting the aerial perspective of the Renaissance, always with astounding outcomes. Ellen inspires herself not only with staged photography but with choreography in order to work with her models, creating poses and mental states of strong emotional intensity. Her architectural approach to composition also plays an important role even when shooting open and often desolated spaces. Ellen’s “landscapes with figures” echo the great Flemish masters of the past like Vermeer, Brueghel, Patinir or Bosch.

Works by Ellen Kooi

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174 x 95 cm


157 x 85 cm


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