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Chou Chinghui, born in 1965 is a Taiwanese photographer graduated from the World College of Journalism in Taiwan. Chou Chinghui’s interest for photography started in 1988. After completing military service, he has been photojournalist for Capital Morning News, The Journalist magazine and China Times Weekly in Taiwan. Over these years, he received Taiwan’s annual Top Award in Photojournalism, Silver Medal in the Reportage category. A year later, Chou embarked on his first long-term photography project, Frozen in Time – Images of a Leper Colony which was exhibited at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1995. The following year, the exhibition was shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and was recorded in Taiwan Photographers. His documentary approach as photojournalist has a persistent influence on his artistic work. Chou uses documentary images as carriers of contemporary art and culture by vividly describing and recording what he observes. Thus, his earliest series, Out of The Shadows (1995) and Images of Workers (2002) - black-and-white portraits of rural schoolchildren and factory workers - are interposed between traditional documentary and contemporary art concepts. Chou always noted to social news happening around Taiwan and the world, this is also his intention of art creating. He aspires to tell stories with his camera, “I want to make images relate a narrative, just like words.” Every project that Chou creates is fully related to social issues. Wild Aspirations-The Yellow Sheep River Project is a series of children portraits from the Yellow Sheep River Area. At first Chou Ching-Hui went to Yellow Sheep River to document a new computer assistance program for turning a rural village into hub with the help of technology. Accidentally, he found a more attractive and artistic theme, the village children’s imagination of computers and their creative impulse inspired by foreign technology. It grows stronger in his later works, and especially in the Animal Farm series where Chou spent five years studying the arrangement of different zoos throughout Taiwan and photographed people in such a way that it seems like they are being examined under a microscope, much in the same way that we gawk at animals at the zoo. His work have been exhibited around the world, in Taiwan, China, Japan, German, United Kingdom, etc. It has been shown in major placessuch as Taipei Fine Arts Museum (1995), the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (1996), the Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China (2002), the Guangdong Museum of Art (2003), the Shanghai Art Museum (2003), the Guangzhou Photo Biennial (2008, 2009) and the Taiwan Biennial (2008). He has received Independence Post Group Annual Taiwan News Award in Graphic Stories category (1989 and 1991) and the Golden Cauldron Prize in 1995. Wild Aspirations – The Yellow Sheep River Project, won the Red Dot Design Award in 2010 and the iF Communication Design Award 2011.

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