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Petr Hyldebrant


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Petr Hyldebrant was born on 1985 in Domažlice, Czech Republic. From childhood he had a penchant for fine arts and music. At high school he founded an alternative - the metal band ELEMENTARY, in which he took on the position of lead guitarist, singer, composer of music and lyrics.

At the age of 19, he became seriously ill and had to reconsider his life. Due to the uncertain future, he began to devote himself fully to music. Thanks to music production, in which he wanted to have his albums decorated with quality graphics, he began to devote himself thoroughly to painting.

In 2010 he had the first exhibition of paintings.  The exhibition called HORIZON OF HUMANITY was a kind of visual essence of the band's second, eponymous album. This was the beginning of the idea, or vision, to combine music, literature and fine arts into an inseparable whole. 

After a very dark period and a number of deaths in the family, Peter's work became even tighter and darker. Aware of the transience and measured time of the intangible, human existence, he returned to the roots and essence of fine art and its immortal notch in history. Several large-format, monumental works were created, painted on framed wooden boards with acrylic paints. 

„I don't know how much time I have left. My art is my cave painting. Inscription. I WAS HERE!“

Works by Petr Hyldebrant

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