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4 Works exhibited on Kooness

Peter Weber, born 1944 in Kollmar/Elbe, Germany. He lives and works near Munich, Germany.

Made from one piece of material and without any cuts dividing the surface, Peter Weber’s works focus on the phenomenon of folding as an artistic form. In Peter Weber’s serial paper works of pure white Canson watercolor paper, the mathematical variety of this technique is revealed in all its perfection. The folded work of dense felt, which has dominated Weber’s work since 2001, has a strong material presence. Subduing the sheet of felt so as to shape it into the required geometrical construction, results in works of great sculptural expressiveness. But he still uses for his foldings paper, cotton, synthetic materials and even steel now. End of 2017 he presented his first purely folded reliefs in steel.

„The material I fold transforms from a one-dimensional flat structure to an architectural three-dimensional object which slides back to a flat relief. It is the thought of wholeness which fascinates me and which provokes again an again that I reach out to the limits of the technical feasible, to resolve complex structures of creation.” Peter Weber