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Peter Pollág

Levoca, Slovakia

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Peter Pollág

Konská Hriva


107 x 87cm

7800,00 €

Preteky s Pegasom - Triptych


122 x 152cm

22100,00 €



75 x 86cm

7800,00 €

Boterekwa Dancing


145 x 207 x 2cm

10400,00 €



145 x 207 x 2cm

10400,00 €

Peter Pollág’s first exhibition was Obrazy at Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava in Bratislava in 1998, and the most recent exhibition was Current Slovak Illustrations Of Children's Book at Bibiana in Bratislava in 2021. Peter Pollág is mostly exhibited in Slovakia, but also had exhibitions in Germany, Spain and elsewhere. Pollág has 8 solo shows and 23 group shows over the last 23 years Pollág has also been in no art fairs but in one biennial. The most important show was Peter Pollág at Danubiana - Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava in 2008. Other important shows were at Centre Of Contemporary Art in Torun in Torun and Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava in Bratislava. Peter Pollág has been exhibited with Martin Kellenberger and Milan Lukáč. Peter Pollág’s art is in two museum collections, at Danubiana - Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava and Galéria Umelcov Spisa in Spišská Nová Ves.