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Pedro Gramaxo

1989 Lisbon, Portugal

2 Works exhibited

Current location

Lisbon, Portugal

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Pedro Gramaxo is a Portuguese artist based in Lisbon.

His practice has been exploring the dichotomy between the natural and the artificial, the material and the immaterial, through the manipulation of space and light, creating large-scale installations that are reflected on the landscape. With the intention of reinventing landscapes framed by these opposites, the artist works through the contrast between an object and the context in which it is placed, intensively exploring new geographical locations and new materials.

Deeply interested in public art and urban intervention, he is currently developing free installation projects that explore new contexts for artistic expression. Exploring the materiality of each piece – texture, color, matter, light – he creates structures, settings, and environments that incite discomfort in the viewers, inviting them to participate in and experiment with each piece.
Since 2012 he has also been exhibiting his work in solo and group shows.

Works by Pedro Gramaxo

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