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Pauline Di Valentin

1990 Amiens, France

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Born in 1990 in Amiens, Pauline Di Valentin, produces ink drawings on paper depicting architectures lost in the middle of lush vegetation. She studied applied art from high school, and passed a BTS visual communication at the Lycée Auguste Renoir, in Paris, she then joined the ESAD of Reims and obtained a DNAP graphic design.

Today, she has found in ink painting the means to express the nuances of colors and textures that inspire her. In these drawings on paper, pastel villas stand in an isolated neighborhood, in the middle of a dense jungle that breaks our landmarks. The ink, diluted, faded, allows marbled effects, transparencies or gradients. And it is mainly in a palette of pinks and greens that the architectural and vegetal universe of these imaginary places are diffused in the paper. From one image to another, we find a resonance, between the varieties of plants and trees, the architectures, the colors, the objects, the characters who seem to respond to each other as belonging to the same place, to the same idea. .

Works by Pauline Di Valentin

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50 x 70 cm


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