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Fuchs is a photographic collector. Fascinated by the visual commons of our living

worlds, by the trust towards the familiar. He traces the everyday, at home in Swit-
zerland or on extended journeys across the continent.

In the "ordinary" Fuchs searches for the typical, the aesthetic peculiarities, the
beauty and the breaks. He encounters the supposedly banal in an unbiased manner;
benevolent but incorruptible and direct. He works with the relationship between
figure and function, between space and atmosphere, without allowing himself to be
irritated by the presumable modesty of his objects. This equal and appropriate view
enables a closeness that Fuchs sometimes increases to the point of intimacy. His

His view of things is nevertheless unagitated and inviting, the photographic preci-
sion captivating.

He carefully exposes residual amounts of meaning and relationship. His found ob-
jects are not put on display, but interpreted attentively. His works reveal without

exposing. The gaze penetrates the surface. Fuchs plays with the auratic, the touch
of memory and foreboding; depicts his motifs with that almost cool composure that
is also used in allegory or still life. His photographs are serious but with a fine
sense of the playful, the oblique. He is not a purist, but a lover of the simple
and the invisible.


"Luciano Fasciati Gallery, 2022, Chur (group exhibition "Forest")
"Photo Basel" with "Galerie94", 2022, Basel (group exhibition)
"Gallery94", 2022, Baden (solo with "Songs of Darkness - Songs of Light")
"Gallery Luciano Fasciati", 2021, Chur (group exhibition "Schöne_Aussicht")
"Photo Basel" with "Galerie94", 2021, Basel (group exhibition)
"Gallery Luciano Fasciati", 2020, Chur (group exhibition "Vor_Sicht")
"Helmhaus Zurich", 2020, (group exhibition "Werkstipendien der Stadt Zürich")
"Photo Basel" with "Galerie94", 2020, Berlin (group exhibition)
"Luciano Fasciati Gallery, 2019, Chur (group exhibition "The Big Snow")
"Photo Basel" with "Galerie94", 2019, Basel (group exhibition)
"Photo Basel" with "Galerie94", 2018, Basel (group exhibition)
"Galerie94", 2016, Baden (solo with "Nesting boxes, snow signs and weather pages")
"ABContemporary", Armin Berger, 2015, Zurich (book vernissage "Schneezeichen" at Niggli-Verlag)
"Photoforum Pasquart", 2014 Biel (group exhibition "Prix Photoforum")
"Photo SCHWEIZ", 2013, Zurich (group exhibition)
Kornhausforum Bern, 2012, Bern (group exhibition "Kunstankäufe der Schweizerischen Post")
"Photo SCHWEIZ", 2012, Zurich (group exhibition)
"Kunstszene", 2012, Zurich (group exhibition "unjuriert")
Kunstmuseum Thun, 2011, Thun (group exhibition "Thema:Bauer")
Soirée Graphique, Kunsthalle Bern, 2011 (group exhibition)
Photogarage Romano Zerbini, 2011, Zurich (solo with "300m und Projektile")
ewz.selection, 2010, Zurich (group exhibition "The Best 2009")