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Works by Patricia Pittet

Bien Balancé de la artista



120 x 15cm


Cassiopée & cie de la artista



55 x 55cm


Symphonie intuitive de la artista



90 x 55cm



Born in 1956, Patricia Pittet returned to her homeland in the Romand region of Switzerland in 2006 after having lived for several years near Paris. She has actively participated in numerous exhibitions over the years both in Switzerland and in France. Today, she divides her time between her homes/studios in Mt. Pèlerin, CH and in Andalusia, Spain.

“Always aery, at times translucent, often mobile, my sculptures remind us of that which connects us to the earth”

Patricia Pittet’s inspiration often comes on the threads of dreams….

One can imagine her, at daybreak, wandering out into nature like a curious pixie with total presence. Whether she be exploring, toes in the sand or hands caressing the leaves and bark of trees in a forest, she is harvesting with her senses, images and ideas to bring back to her studio. 

Images first : organic forms, circles and spheres, protective and fertile…. then her instruments :  stone, bark, dried cactus or shells that have left traces of their being etched in their structure. Seeds and lichens, mosses and coconut fibres; destined to be immortalized in her hand-made papers.

Patricia creates, above all, a language of intense emotion and language. And thus her fascination with her world unfolds; for the crackle of icy mountain streams, the white mists of mornings above the Léman basin, or the silver reflections of the moon over the lake…. these inspirations are translated into sculptures of delicate translucent discs created in bio-resin.

Entering her studio, trailing these impressions and inspirations behind her like a gossamer cloak, she begins to pick through the rich materials, exploring natural pigments, the emerging ‘flaws’ and original textures, curving metal wires,  as if sketching out lines with a pencil.

The result is pure poetry; cocoons of bronze, of resin, of paper that seem to emerge from deep places; aerial sculptures of metallic wire, hand-woven or crocheted into a sort of hypnotic rhythm; crystalline discs that vibrate with light.

Patricia Pittet’s pieces exhale emotional strength that belays their apparent fragility.