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Works by Pascale Vallée



70 x 50cm

750,00 €

Fantasia aquatique


80 x 65cm

920,00 €

Duo Floral

30 x 90cm

460,00 €

Balai aquatique


81 x 60cm

700,00 €

Passionate about nature, subjugated by the movement and the constantly renewed colors of a sea, a sky, a nature in permanent changes, he transcribes in painting the essence of this dynamic by letting my emotions speak. Color and movement drawn from elements of nature are the essential elements of his mode of expression.

He has always expressed himself through painting, drawing all this creative energy from his emotions, his brushes freeze the moment, thus immortalizing his inner music. Of Franco-Canadian nationality, Interior Architect by profession, self-taught amateur painter, the painting that he has always practiced brings him joy and serenity on a daily basis.