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delhi, India

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Works by Parul Sharma

architectural inspirations 3


11.43 x 24.13cm

312,50 €

architectural inspirations


24.13 x 11.43cm

312,50 €

constant present


190.5 x 109.22cm

1875,00 €

get into the moment


10.16 x 76.2cm

new artwork


20.32 x 22.86cm

375,00 €



313.94 x 350.52cm

11875,00 €

untitled 7


20.32 x 22.86cm

325,00 €

Parul's art practice is inspired by the urban architectural spaces, their patterns, construction complex, structures, and environment. She is interested in exploring the question of interaction between her and these architectural spaces and what kind of impact they create psychologically as well as physically. Parul enjoys working in different mediums and techniques like fresco, drawing, painting, and stop motion.

Parul was born and brought up in Delhi. She has completed her BFA and MFA from College of Art Delhi in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

  • An artist residency and a solo exhibition titled “An Introspection of Architectural Spaces” at FRISE Kunstlerhaus Hamburg, Germany.

  • Visual Art Scholarship 2019 by Sahitya Kala Parishad.