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The author project the relationship between Art and organic matter. The beginnings of the most primitive forms of artistic creation (spirals, waves, hand surroundings or animal shapes in their cave stages) , the classic Architecture and its vegetables shapes; evident in Karl Blossfeldt`s photographic work; the learning of composition in the Art academies based on Fibonacci sequence and its Divine Proportion, suggesting God as the author; the theory of colour as clear reference between Art and botanic, flowers as the most perfect expression of beauty and erotic attraction: “Insects copulating with vegetables”.

The illustration bursts using pragmatic equations of growing geometries, Darwin as an explanation and tool, Monsters of Modernity erasing God once again from the equation.

But the process continues, new means of scientific analysis arise, the natural selection questioned by Lamarck's followers, Life as the supreme state of matter or the Heisenberg`s Uncertainty Principle patch the basis of that enforced reason.

Is the man (Art) the one utilizing divinity (Nature) or God the one using the Art?

The route drives us to the presence of organic morphology in the artistic creation and the representation of beauty.

The objective of the piece is to prove the relationship using techniques of alternatives imaging of macroscopy (Scanography and Focus Stacking), wherever the eye sees but not pay attention, as it is searching this link.

God and its divine proportions in front of Reason and Science. An eternal conflict.
Paco Martinez Clavel

Website: www.pacomartinezclavel.com

Native of Valencia (Spain). Electronics engineer. Experimentation with electronic and digital images since 1982. Course “Aesthetic Resources of Digital Graphics”by Luís Castelo. Advanced Course in Studio Photography (RevelArte). Speaker at the WATER Photography Contest of Mondáriz. Works of digital frames to the higher course of photography of the Escola Superior d’Art i Tecnología of Valencia. Published “Still Life” catalogue edited by Ciclorama. Portfolio “Still Life” published by the magazine “Arte Fotográfico”. Museum of Natural History of Valencia (scientific photography on entomology) and the Faculty of Biology (University of Valencia). His work is published in Science Photo Library (London, UK).

Website: www.pacomartinezclavel.com

The author delves into the `Infographic ́ from its beginnings in the world of Art. Based on photography, investigate other alternatives techniques: Scanography, under the teachings of Luís Castelo and researching and applying new techniques such as Focus Stacking (scientific photography)

His studies in Art lead him to publish his work on Iconology of Cesare Ripa (S. XVII) (Arte Fotográfico, no 615)
He works with the Museum of Natural History of Valencia (scientific photography on entomology) and the Faculty of Biology (University of Valencia). His work is published in Science Photo Library (London, UK).

In Fineart photography he collaborate with Fineart America (Chicago, USA)
His works are exhibited in Galería Ciclorama and Galería Raylowski in Valencia and Nueva Galería in Madrid, Artphoto BCN in Barcelona (Spain).
He has recently been selected for Emerging Artists in PHOTOESPAÑA 022.