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Pablo Arrazola

1991 Colombia

8 Works exhibited

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For Arrázola, we coexist with our environment in a relationship of mutual construction, where our identity is in great part the result of how we appropriate our landscape, and the landscape, in turn, is a result of how said identity coexists with the landscape, creating a fertile ground for the transformation of the space and in result, our selves. We are in great part the contents of our landscape and vice versa. For Arrázola, there lies an endless amount of possible narratives where these two concepts meet. He tries to bring the symbolism of the everydayness in each image to create new experiences, he´s work become an invitation to think about what we see and what is apparently absent.

In his exploration of paper and drawing, suggestive images initiate a dialogue with the spectator leaving open various possibilities of visual narratives. Situations become stories only when met with the eye of the beholder, and the memories and experiences that said person brings to the work. Intentionally vague, his work most commonly features children, whose innocence and naiveté are a reminder of an age where we were starting to create our own world.


- 2015,  Visual and Fine Arts, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia



  • 2018, Moyas, Transborder s.a.s, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2017,  Walls, Otros 360 Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia




  • 2018, Organic Landscapes, Beatriz Esguerra Galley, Bogota, Colombia
  • 2018, Arte Diez Art Fair, Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 2018, Coffee, Beatriz Esguerra Gallery, Bogotá. Colombia
  • 2018, 5º Commemorative Anniversary Exhibition, Galería Otros 360º, Bogotá. Colombia
  • 2017, Feria Del Millón, Mentores Program, Textura Creative Center, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2017, Barcú Art Fair, Adrian Ibañez Gallery, La Candelaria, Bogotá Colombia
  • 2017, Spring group show, Beatriz Esguerra Gallery. Bogotá. Colombia
  • 2017, Colectivo Pablo Arrazola / Ana Maria Gutierrez, Galería DarteSocial, Club el Nogal. Bogota, Colombia
  • 2017, Feria Del Millón Caribe, Coltabaco Old Fabric, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • 2017, Figurations, Adrian Ibañez Gallery, Tabio / Cundinamarca. Colombia
  • 2016, Feria Del Millón, Textura Creative Center, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, XI Young Colsanitas and Spanish Embassy Art Prize, Nueveochenta Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Reflections of Our Earth, VI Visual Arts Festival, Cota City Hall, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • 2016, La Garza, Claustro Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, The Wall Prototipo Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Immanence, Casa Museo Santander, Hacienda el Cedro, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Multidimensional, Beatriz Esguerra Art, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, With the Mark of the Body, Artestudio. Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Levi´s 501 Original Plaza, Textura Creative Center. Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Destination 82nd Street. Geba Art Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, 12L / 12, Zona L Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2015, V Conference of National and International Visual Artists, Alberto Urdaneta Salon, Municipal City Hall, Cota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • 2015, XXXII Student Alumni Exhibition,  Gustavo Zalamea, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia



  • 2017, Winner Mentor Program to work with Nadín Ospina, Textura Creative Center, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Finalist, Colsanitas Award, Feria del Millón, Textura Creative Center, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2016, Finalist, Young Colsanitas Award, Spanish Embassy, Nueveochenta Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2010, Fellowship Best Bachelors From Colombia, National University of Colombia, Bogotá. Colombia


-  2018, Royal Caribbean International, “The Symphony of the Seas”, “Greasy pole” Serie.

Works by Pablo Arrazola

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