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Orli Ziv

Paris, France

11 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Orli Ziv

Yellow Lion


70 x 80cm

3500,00 €

Chalom Aleikhem Rose


30 x 45 x 1cm

2750,00 €

Chalom Aleikhem Argent


30 x 40 x 1cm

2750,00 €

Eshet Hayil


37 x 41 x 2cm

2750,00 €

Chalom Aleikhem


54 x 45 x 2cm

2750,00 €

Blue Landscape


80 x 70 x 2cm

5400,00 €

Early afternoon


50 x 70 x 2cm

3700,00 €

Lumière dorée (Golden light)


70 x 80 x 2cm

5400,00 €

By Night


94 x 113 x 2cm

7200,00 €

Orli Ziv Franco-Israeli painter was born in 1960 near Paris. His parents, children hidden during World War II, pass on their love of art to him.

"I had the chance to grow up and study in Paris, it gave me a taste for aesthetics and now I try to use this acquired quality" made in France "in my work. "

In 1990 she moved to Israel near Jerusalem. His first paintings will be naive oriental or impressionist landscapes. Over the years his work has become closer to abstraction, colors and materials are the tools to express through lyrical gestures his gaze on the light of the surrounding desert.

"Abstract art appeals to me because it dispenses with limits, the imagination can run wild. I let the material and the color take me like a surfer's wave. Trained in improvisation in Jazz on the saxophone, I rediscover these sensations.

Conveying emotions is also the work of the artist regardless of the discipline.