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Since 1998 Opiemme is looking for new ways of presenting poetry. The artist’s poetics is known to get in touch the visual art world with the one of literature, with references to visual poetry and street poetry actions.
Opiemme has been defined as the “poet of street art”, for his public art interventions, installations, calligrams and collective performances used for bringing verses in the street. Poetry becomes a medium for painting new images, and images become words for writing new poetry. Opiemme’s search explores poetry through social themes. By transforming words into colour and images. He allows his works to be interpreted two-dimensionally in a way in which letters simultaneously become its content and depth. Images to be read and words to be looked at – with a political mindset and yet without bias – Opiemme’s works speak of freedom, justice, civil ethics and respect towards nature: art without boundaries which dreams of hope. His work starts from poetry and moves towards a contamination with visual arts, and it contains a constant renewal of communicative urgencies.

“In Limine Mundi”, Burning Giraffe Art Gallery (17 January, 16 March)


“di Parole faccio Arte”, Giorgio Milani, Sabrina D’Alessandro and Opiemme, for Whitelight Art Gallery
group show in Milano – via Copernico 38, from 30 January till 21 December 2018
Opiemme’s solo shows:
Rome – Clubhouse Barberini Via San Basilio 48, from 2nd of march 2018 till 23rd of april 2018
Torino – Copernico Garibaldi Valdocco 2, from 18th of may – till 10th of  september 2018
Milano– Copernico Piazza Castello 13, from 2nd of october – till 21st december 2018

“Street Arts Volant!”, group show, Museo della Scrittura, Torino, IT (01.10 – 14.1.2018)

Per aspera ad astra: Vortex,  Rosso20sette Gallery, critical essay by Alessandra Caldarelli, Roma, IT (16.11 – 24.12)
Vortex solo show, Palazzo Rasponi, curated by Elena Paloscia, Ravenna, IT (08.10 – 30.11)
Heart-shaped box: a Vortex show, curated by Karin Gavassa, Pinacoteca Modigliani, Follonica, IT (16.07 – 02.10)
Urban Art Fair, Portanova12 Gallery (Bologna), Paris, FR

Swab Fair, Portanova12, Barcelona, ES
Imago Mundi, group show, Fondazione Cini, Venezia, IT (31.08 – 01.11)
Imago Mundi, group show, curated by Luca Beatrice, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, IT
Vortex, solo show, Portanova12, Bologna, IT (06.03 – 18.04)
Vortex, solo show, BI-BOx Gallery, Biella, IT (6.02 – 08.03)

Daniele Tozzi (2017), Words into shapes – The graphic art of calligram, Monsa Pubblications
Elena Paloscia (2016), Vortex, Matlisko (Ravenna edition’s catalog)
Francesco Scopellitti (2016), La via dell’agave, Matlisko (cover)
Nicholas Ganz (2015), Street messages, Dokument Press Distribution
Luca Beatrice (2015), Imago Mundi Praestigium Italia I Contemporary artist from Italy, Fabrica
Clara Isabel Martínez Cantón (2014), Cuestiones Métricas. La Rima y el Estribillo, Punto Rojo Libros S.L.
Elena Cornacchione (2013), Parole che si fanno strada,La Caravella Editrice
Luca Beatrice (2011), Km 011. Arti a Torino. 1995-2011, Allemandi
Opiemme (2009), Sette, Prospettiva Editrice (narrative)
Opiemme (2003), Sfioraci, Prospettiva Editrice (poems)

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