To Dream, to Collect


Oleg Baulin

1965 Pushkino, Moscow region, Russian Federation

11 Works exhibited

Current location

Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary

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Oleg likes the classical school of painting, namely academic realism. This style allows him to express his emotions as much as possible and convey his mood to the viewers. The precise outlines of objects, the play of light and shadow, the richness and variety of colors - all this help him create paintings that collectors like.

He works in the style of classical painting, as he believes that this style can achieve maximum technical skills. A well-written picture is always admired by the viewer. He prefers to paint still lifes, landscapes and nudes. He works with oil paints on stretched canvas. Edges are painted in continuity with the painting. Paints based on natural pigments. Paintings have a protective coating against UV, dust and mechanical damage.

Oleg was born in 1965 in the town of Pushkino, Moscow Region in a family of engineers. His father was a passionate lover and connoisseur of painting, had a large library of books on art, himself masterfully painted a brush and pencil. Since childhood, Oleg showed the ability to draw, occasionally engaged in painting, taking private lessons. After graduating from higher education institution successfully He engaged in business. Collected pictures of the best impressionists of Russia. In 2016, he changed his place and occupation, having opened a classical painting gallery in Karlovy Vary based on his own collection. He began to paint, taking private lessons and engaging in self-education. Long worked under a pseudonym. Currently the best selling artist of Gallery BM.

Works by Oleg Baulin

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