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Nomvula Hoko

Sebokeng, Vaal, South Africa

4 Works exhibited on Kooness

Works by Nomvula Hoko

Discover Yourself


56.5 x 75.5 x 1cm

400,00 €

A Strong Response


84 x 59.5 x 1cm

600,00 €

Dream II


77 x 55 x 5cm

450,00 €

Connected II


36 x 38 x 3cm

350,00 €

Nomvula Hoko has been an art lover since an early age. Taught by the great Senzeni Marasela, she was inspired to become the versatile, passionate artist that she is today. Nomvula is multi-talented, sharing her diverse skills with the world in the form of teaching, painting, print making, photography and curating. Her creativity knows no bounds. Nomvula unique artworks are a combination of colour, form and deep introspection. She describes her works as "loaded with metaphors and fused into a harmonious whole".

"I want my art not only to shape what we become but also how we become,” says Nomvula, “I am a woman in process. I delight in the poetry of life that takes its form from the lines of life which twists and extends impossibly. It spits and drips and as sweet and wild as life itself. Part of my process is playing with depth, foreground, pattern and emotion.”

Nomvula has been exhibiting her artworks both at local events and online international galleries since 2018.