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Naza del Rosal

Almería, Spain

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IDEAS OF AN IDEARY I like to think that these introspective processes towards clairvoyance and healing of the 'me' in the face of the noise of the world that interferes with us from within - are the true leitmotif of my work. I tell stories on my canvases -stories of the primeval jungle, the ancestral home- and I invoke ancient wisdoms, but I also invite the viewer to participate in a psycho-affective ritual that I hope encourages them to meditate on the noises and breaks of the 'I' and move them to heal through reflective introspection.
I wish that whoever contemplates my works meets me on the canvas. Let him feel, reflect and enjoy in the same way that I felt, reflected and enjoyed painting them. That he discover my travels and revelations, but above all that he be encouraged to undertake his own and to reveal himself. Let him feel and feel appealed to by the emotions that sound, fly and flash here inside and, therefore, in my paintings. They are mine, yes. But I trust that they also end up being yours.

Naza del Rosal & Juan Rico
2018 - Mental mist. Infamous guys. Madrid Spain.
2018 - Makiniko Studio Gallery. Almería, SPAIN.
2017 - General sample. Volturno cultural center. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid Spain. 2012 - WeAreOne. Knot Theater. Madrid Spain.
2011 - Broken Monsters & Co. Espacio Naranjo. Madrid Spain
As an artist
Individual expositions
2021 - "Something mystical". Sala Siroco, Madrid, SPAIN
2020 - "Mental mist". Pedrezuela Cultural Center, Pedrezuela, Madrid, SPAIN 2019 - “Mental mist”. Infamous Guys, Madrid, SPAIN
Collective exhibitions
2021 - “Opening doors”. Martín de Vidales Art Gallery, Madrid, SPAIN
2021 - "Origin". Hybrid Art Fair, Nítido Gallery, Hotel Riu Plaza de España, Madrid, SPAIN
2021 - "Something mystical". Sala Siroco, Madrid, SPAIN
2005-2006 - XVII Edition Circuits of plastic arts. Madrid, León, Alcalá de Henares and Pontevedra, SPAIN.

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