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Natasa Govedarou

1976 Thessaloniki, Greece

6 Works exhibited

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Thessaloniki, Greece

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29th of May, 2012

The city of Florence, Italy


Review on the artistic works of Natasa Govedarou


Natasa Govedarou is a gifted artist and a charismatic personality with her own distinctive manner both in painting and drawing. Love for a detail, well-balanced composition, highly emotional colors and expressive lines characterize her art works.

Personally I think her unique talent reveals itself to the outmost to her landscape paintings. She seems to be fascinated by the fabulous elements of Nature and she is especially good at portraying sky and sea. With her colors so lucid and so deep, Natasa manages to render the very essence of air – its transparency and vibration. Natasa succeeded in developing her own artistic language and seems to discover the media and the forms to convey changeable states of Nature. Her landscapes although quite realistic, bear something mysterious and extraterrestrial in them.

Apart from working with color, Natasa spends a lot of time developing her drawing, which has improved significantly since recently. She has learned to compose into format properly, to prioritize in tone, to focus on a detail without losing a big form


Sergey Chubirko,

Painter and Art Teacher, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Florence, 10 December 2012


In my understanding, the artist is a person who has special outlook on life. The artist is able to absorb the environment around her, filter it through one-self and share with the world the new things that nobody has seen before.

The world that we see in Natasa`s art works seems usual only by the first glance : landscapes are simple, mostly it is the sky, water and trees. But stay looking for a little longer and you will see more.

You will see the clouds singing old songs, mirroring lakes, talking trees.  All these tell us untold stories of real inner world, invisible at first sight.

A dry tree, a tree standing in the rain, a tree in the fire of setting sun – all these images are reflections of the artist herself. And this is why we can feel and relate.

Reflections – this is one more riddle. How and why do we go to those lakes? Not that we could see the details…but more to forget about worries and become like the mirror surface of water – forever calm. And soon enough distinct edges dissolve and water and the reflection switch places, and then it doesn`t even matter anymore where the sky is and where is the body of water. What matters is the beauty they bring.

What can be pretty in a swamp?

We forget that those are not just swamp but it is the whole world mysterious for the soul.

When the soul is full of foggy-strange expectations, when simple images melt in moving surface of fantasy, arising sometimes and sometimes disappearing…… that`s when the unexplainable  images are born. This is when the painting sings to us the song of one`s soul. The color is the substance that can reflect the impression of this exact moment, and to catch the uncatchable feeling.

The artist is boldly playing with color schemes and not afraid of unusual combinations. This is her goal –  to express, to create an impression and she is doing very well in reaching that goal.

And yet the Sky remains the central character, which always inspires the artist  more than anything else (as Natasa admits herself). If the image of the tree it is something you need to find, then the sky is always with you and it is always beautiful. It attracts us with its indescribable musicality and awakes our fantasy imagination. You can never be bored with the sky and you can find a great meaning behind every condition of the sky.

Idea? – is there any specific idea in a land escape, you might ask?

Well everything has a meaning, but is not always clear to everyone. Sometimes the artist herself doesn`t know what her painting does to viewers and the viewer doesn`t know what he has received. They only know that it is “beautiful”.

The beauty will save the world – the Russians say, quoting Dostoevky. And how does it happen – only the Great Creator knows. And we are becoming just a little bit like him in the moments like this, when we create….and in those moments we are truly happy.


Marem Dotson

(Artist and Art teacher, St. Petersburg, Russia)


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1976 she discovered painting as her way of expressing and relaxing from when she was a small child following the same passion of her mother and grandmother.

Her studies in the Russian Academy of Art in Florence Italy in 2010-14 (Grade A) gave her the fundamental principles, methods and techniques of the Old Masters. She is a member of Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece (VAANG), of Visual Artists Association of Central Greece (VAACG), Greece and honorary director for Narrative Movements based in India. With her works she creates her own sense of personal freedom and space. Despite the constraints of the canvas, which allows her only two dimensions to work with, she is still able to create horizons that open up spaces, full of enchantment. She loses herself in the adventure of painting among the ideas and pathways that her imagination summons up for her. She likes to give a mystic atmosphere to her landscapes inspired mainly by the Greek light and colors. Her portraits give the deep character of men and women with a love for details and expressive lines.

From September 2014 she is the owner, curator and director of GOVEDAROU ART GALLERY in Thessaloniki, Greece. The gallery's International profile has dynamically integrated this unique art space into the art world. The exchange of ideas, styles and trends through the promotion of artists from different countries of the world has established the gallery as a major cultural exchange intermediate in the city of Thessaloniki. The selection of artists, Greek and foreign, is always based on their quality of work and creativity, displaying the astonishing variety and diversity of different materials, styles and expressions of art.

Works by Natasa Govedarou

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